Most of my projects are available on GitHub. I’ve worked primarily with Swift, Python, TypeScript, and JavaScript, but I’ve also had experience building software with R, PHP, and SQL (among others). A few notable projects can be found below.

  • Game on Paper: A site for advanced college football statistics.

  • College Football Coach: A college football simulation game for iOS.

  • Ramblin’ Reck website: A brand new PHP-based web presence for the Ramblin’ Reck Club at Georgia Tech.

  • Ramblin’ Reck history site: A static website built with Jekyll detailing the storied history of Georgia Tech’s beloved mascot car.

  • Donovan: A macOS menubar application written in Objective-C that displays live scores and updates from Major League Soccer matches. Named after US Soccer legend Landon Donovan.

For more information about my personal projects and/or a resume, please email me.