About Me

I’m Akshay Easwaran, and I’m a data engineer at Atlanta United FC. I completed my BS in Computer Science (with a minor in Sports, Society, and Technology) at the Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2019.

I originally got into programming when my family first bought an iMac and suggested I learn how to create iPhone applications. I followed a few basic tutorials from online and was immediately hooked. I eventually bought a MacBook Pro and started developing apps as a hobby, hoping one day to be good enough at programming to turn my skills into a career.

I’m especially interested in the intersection of technology and sport. My hobby computing projects have been centered around integrating sports information and sports data with technical resources to sharpen my skills with data and newer web and native technologies, while much of my remaining spare time is spent immersing myself in the world of sport, both as a fan and an armchair analyst for Georgia Tech sports blog From the Rumble Seat (you can view all of my work here). I have not only had the chance to build software around sport and using sports knowledge, I’ve also had the opportunity to think critical and objectively about sport, sporting events, sporting history, and sport sociology. You can view some of my current projects on GitHub.

In addition to my professional and personal projects, I am an avid Atlanta sports fan and casual Atlanta sports historian. I find the development and evolution of sports in this city — and especially how both have intertwined with the city’s political structures, demographics, and development — an incredibly interesting and rich topic of study.

For more information about my professional background and/or a resume, please email me.